General Litigation

Our General Litigation services are geared to the individual or business that finds that formal dispute resolution including litigation, arbitration or mediation options have to be considered to help solve a legal problem. We handle a lot of real estate litigation, including landlord/tenant, but are experienced in many types of matters including DUI defense, misdemeanor criminal defense, consumer protection litigation, contract disputes, home and business problems.

We offer innovative fee arrangements in these areas. They typical fee arrangement is hourly, and a retainer is generally required. Depending on the case, a fee agreement based on a contingency might be available. Additionally, we offer "blended" fee arrangements in very unique cases. Blended fee arrangements are a combination of hourly and contingent fees and may be available in your case.

Our office has extensive experience navigating the New Hampshire Court systems, and we can help you do the same. Contact us today if you find yourself in a situation where court involvement is possible.